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Asset Entry & Exit

The quinessential basis of RFID-based asset tracking is the ability to tag assets and track their movements in a defined area. ProxiTrak was built on this very foundation.

ProxiTrak can track when assets move into/out of a zone in an optimized live site survey. These movements are logged for historical reference, which can be used for metrics, trend analysis, effective inventory managment, etc. On top of that, a complete inventorying of all your defined live site surveys can be performed at a whim, giving you an accurate snapshot of your current stock.

Morever, ProxiTrak's sophisticated information persistence has the added value of assisting with auditing processes. As most business owners might want to forego the tedious process of tagging every document which is often time-consuming. These processe are alleviated as a history of asset movements is already available in an accurate, reliable format.

The auditor in many cases will choose to sample a statistically representative number of documented results, such as monitoring data or incident reports. ProxiTrak© software will ensure any sampling used by auditors won't result in an adverse outcome by mitigating uncertainty which may result in unacceptable criteria by auditors.

What makes ProxiTrak unique?

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ProxiTrak can seamlessly integrate with numerous (Low Level Reader Protocol) Class 1 Gen2 Fixed RFID Readers1 .

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