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Proxitrak Features

ProxiTrak is software solution that operates on a CAD model-centric approach for engineering a live adaptive site survey. It's provided through a generic adaptation framework providing RFID infrastructure evolution capability.

ProxiTrak CAD Virtual-to-live Site Survey

ProxiTrak combines intelligent, model-based tools to help you gain more accurate, accessible, and actionable insight into your tracking infrastructure.

Live Site Survey Optimizer

ProxiTrak provides optimization of your site survey by analyzing and adjusting power availability, RFID signal strength, and detecting the presence of ambient electromagnetic noise (AEN) that could interfere with the RFID environment.

Real-time Location in the Cloud

ProxiTrak's core functionality provides low-latency, near instantaneous access to RFID tag data globally anytime and anywhere, via cloud services.

Real-time Health Monitor

ProxiTrak's sophisticated architecture seamlessly interfaces with various RFID Reader hardware and provides detailed prognosis of the health of all your RFID tracking hardware and environment

Intelligent Dashboard

ProxiTrak's Intelligent Dashboard provides historical information in parallel with live data, data in transit and predictive analytics, which reduces the timespan from insight to decision.

What makes ProxiTrak unique?

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ProxiTrak can seamlessly integrate with numerous (Low Level Reader Protocol) Class 1 Gen2 Fixed RFID Readers1 .

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