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Complete Room Inventory & Auditing

The right RFID software can reduce stock because stock and retailer expenses attribute to about 2-4% of business operation expense. The physical identification, location and management processes requires a vast amount of manpower which can be replaced by using ProxiTrak to accomplish these actions. In addition ProxiTrak's RFID technology can reduce the number of personnel by 30%.

ProxiTrak will be instrumental in reducing labor cost of reading the code, regular cargo management and service fee of goods shelf. ProxiTrak self-service based automation will reduce inspection time and alleviate human-error.

ProxiTrak can provide automated historical records and enhance the stock forecast accuracy. In addition ProxiTrak will drastically decrease the occurrence of larceny because loss of assets through larceny in known to be as high as 30 billion dollars, occupying at least 1.5% of total sales by conservatively estimation.

ProxiTrak's RFID technology, prevents loss of stock by tracking the commodity in distributed real-time and providing real-time concrete location, position, transit and trend analysis of assets at any time.

What makes ProxiTrak unique?

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ProxiTrak can seamlessly integrate with numerous (Low Level Reader Protocol) Class 1 Gen2 Fixed RFID Readers1 .

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