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What is the Itero Methodology?

What follows is the specific three step process that underlines ProxiTrak's intrinsic philisophy. Referred to as "Itero," which is a Latin term meaning "to repeat," this process allows you to iteratively or recursively keep your tracking environment current at all times, regardless of ever-changing business requirements.

DESIGN: Complete control over modeling your environment via CAD-based live site surveys

The process begins with you: the user. You know your organization, company, or campus layout, through and through. You should have the ability to input a digital image representation of any layout you have to begin with your work. From this custom layout and geographical knowledge, you should have the ability to easily and quickly design trackable areas. These representations should, called virtual site surveys, persist in a dependable way, and can be changed at any time.

OPTIMIZE: The ability to recursively optimize and change your tracking environment

You should be able to refine, customize, and improve your trackable areas. The ability to adjust the knobs of your tracking environment, to compensate for interference, hinderances, and pitfalls, at any time. As every environment and requirements list are different, different aspects of RFID systems may be important to different users. You should have a vast palette of options to choose from, for the ability to improve the capability of your surveyed areas.

TRACK: View, monitor and surveilance assets any time, anywhere, in real-time in the cloud

With your optimized live site survey you will enjoy real-time monitoring of asset location and inventories. From multiple business logic vantage points analyze your assets and system's stack at a moment's notice. View a complete, detailed inventory of all assets or track the movements of a single asset. Analyze metrics over time of an asset, group of assets, or an entire site survey. Even further, you'll always have the ability view the health and performance of your system in real time.

Itero, Recursive RFID design & development

Itero described visually, showing the essential steps of the process in graphical form, and how the process can be repeated as many times as needed, to meet increasing business needs.

Itero Process Itero process
The Itero process diagram

Click image to see the Itero process diagram.

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