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Personnel Entry & Exit

Reliably tracking employee working hours, remedying costly payroll errors, and enforcing a location's entry/exit protocols can be an ongoing bane for most businesses. A plethora of solutions exist to address each issue respectively, but no solution offers a comprehensive approach to effectually managing all of the above in a single package ... until now.

Employees can be provided with an RFID-tagged location badge, keyfob, lanyard, etc., and their time is immediately recorded after entering or exiting a specific point in a building. This eliminates the need for manual entry and maintaince for timesheets, which are certainly prone to human error. Relevant departments have a formal, immutable record on which they can use for validation.

From a security perspective, access into and/or out of a location can be controlled. Antennae or other RFID-detecting technologies can be placed at key access points, and unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering.

What makes ProxiTrak unique?

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ProxiTrak can seamlessly integrate with numerous (Low Level Reader Protocol) Class 1 Gen2 Fixed RFID Readers1 .

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