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Personnel Tracking & Monitoring

The productivity and safety of personnel is critical to any business or industry, particularly those that operate in intrinsicly hazardous areas. ProxiTrak's RFID tracking functionality is easily applied to monitoring staff locations and movements throughout your facilities. Key workers can be located instantly, and real-time visibility of all your staff helps identify where productivity can be increased.

Tracking personnel in hazardous or critical care areas can often be a cost sink for an organization. ProxiTrak can reduce risk and indcident response time because personnel can be instantly mustered in an emergency. The occasional, but potentially devastating, financial losses due to emergency incidents or accidents can be mitigated.

ProxiTrak also insures that all local, state, and federal laws regarding an individual's private information are observed.

What makes ProxiTrak unique?

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ProxiTrak can seamlessly integrate with numerous (Low Level Reader Protocol) Class 1 Gen2 Fixed RFID Readers1 .

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