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Complete Room Inventory & Auditing Visit link

Perform a full inventory anytime, anywhere to make sure the inventory reflected includes all inventory owned by the company. This includes inventory count, location and items in transit. ProxiTrak alleviates the need to watch employees and make sure they record the counts carefully.

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Asset Entry & Exit Visit link

ProxiTrak can easily determine if assets are entering or exiting pre-defined zone. Zones that you design in the virtual-to-live site survey serve as the backbone for identification of zones and management of all assets within the zones. This includes contact-free identification of pallets, work pieces & parts.

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Personnel Entry & Exit Visit link

ProxiTrak enables companies to identify personnel at all entry & exit points. This allows you to measure time of personnel access and exit events in the past and present, and enhances forecasting to facilitate the business decision-making process.

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Personnel Tracking and Monitoring Visit link

Looking for the flexibility of global-wide remote real-time tracking with the accountability of all employees? ProxiTrak offers simple, accurate time tracking with true real-time location stamping. You can easily track time and location from the time an employee clocks in until the time they clock out.

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Real-Time Location & Tracking Visit link

By receiving important information about your assets in real-time globally, you greatly improve the decision-making processes because you literally are in the know within seconds of asset location changes.

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